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Bamboo Fox plate with silicone suction + spoon ( Yellow silicone )

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Easy clean up and messy free mealtimes made possible with our organic bamboo fox plates with yellow silicone suction that makes the plates stay in place.

Made out of natural and organic materials, our bamboo plates are toxic free with no chemicals used while production, and is protected with food safe coating, thus parents can be assured they are perfectly safe for your little ones for any meal time.

Suited for toddlers from 6 months these plates with the animal themed designs are perfect not just to feed your child’s imagination, but also for infant feeding or toddler self-feeding, with a creatively designed orange baby spoon that is big enough for adult hands yet small enough for toddler hands to handle with ease to feed themselves, adding on to the features, the soft silicon tip of the spoon is gentle for your child’s gums.


More Information
Weight 860 g



Bamboo wood and Silicone


Plate – 26 x 18 x 4 cms Spoon – 14 x 4 cms


for 6+ months

Care & Use

Though our products are made of high quality, exercising a bit of extra care and precaution will help to increase its life. Keep in mind heavy falls and repeated hits can cause scuffs and splits on the wooden surface which can make them unsafe to use.

Over exposed to air can make them scaly and dry which can cause cracking, hence we suggest to regularly oil the bamboo plates to keep them moisturized.

Kindly note theses plates are for handwash only and are not Dishwasher or microwave safe.

Bamboo Fox plate with silicone suction + spoon ( Yellow silicone )

 1600.00  1280.00

Sold out.